Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

April 6th, 2014

Here is another recipe that you can serve as a vegan side for your Easter feast… When I came across this recipe for Dairy Free Scalloped Potatoes from Tessa the Domestic Diva, I immediately pinned it so I could make it on a special occasion for my vegan husband.  My husband has very good self

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

January 19th, 2014

Do you remember that 80′s song “Forever Young” by Alphaville?  That title pretty much sums up my mentality for the majority of my teens and twenties.  I felt I would always just be a twenty-something…youth like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever. But soon I will be 33 and quite frankly I’m still

Vegan Cookies and Cream Frosting

January 19th, 2014

As promised here is the Vegan Cookies & Cream Frosting to top these wonderful Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes! Like I tend to say often, this vegan frosting recipe is so good you wouldn’t even know it was vegan! Vegan Cookies & Cream Frosting Author: vegetarian casserole queen Recipe type: dessert Ingredients ½ cup shortening ½ cup margarine –

Happy 2014!

January 4th, 2014

So, here we are at the beginning of another year – a time for fresh starts.  And, wow, do I need to start fresh! 2013 was like a blur of disorganization, unhappiness, and transition.  So please forgive me for disappearing during the latter part of last year!  Those three elements came to a head in

Tofurky Roast

November 10th, 2013

A Tofurky Roast is the vegetarian alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.  I’ve written in the past my love for the Tofurky Roast.  I can’t say it enough.  Back in my non-vegetarian days, I never looked forward to turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  But now I cannot wait for those holidays so I can have

Green Bean and Potato Casserole

November 3rd, 2013

At Thanksgiving, you really can’t beat a traditional Green Bean Casserole.  You know the one on the back of the Durkee’s French Fried Onions canister. But sometimes I like to mix things up with a slightly different version.  When I’m feeling non-traditional, I make a Green Bean and Potato Casserole.  This casserole recipe is just

Vegan Zucchini Bread

September 29th, 2013

As I mentioned in the Zucchini Squares post, my mother-in-law gave me a rather large zucchini that made the aforementioned recipe as well as today’s post, which might as well be called “The Best Darned Zucchini Bread Ever Baked.” But for simplicity’s sake, let’s just go with Vegan Zucchini Bread! Now, let me start by

Vegetarian Sausage & Pepper Pasta Bake

September 15th, 2013

I’ve got to be honest.  Aside from kielbasa, I’ve never really liked sausage. So why am I adding it to this pasta bake recipe, you ask? Guilt. Sometimes when the carb-induced guilt gets to be too much, I need to balance pasta with some protein.  And while sausage isn’t my most favorite protein, it was

Grilled Vegetable Foil Packs

August 18th, 2013

I’ve mentioned previously about the grill-fest I had while on my annual vacation to Florida.  Since I currently don’t own a grill, I used the heck out of the one in our rental house!  Of all the grilled dishes I made, I think my family liked the Grilled Vegetable Foil Packs the best.  They are

Vegan Curry Potato Salad

August 11th, 2013

Its rather easy to make most potato salad recipes vegan.  Simply substitute vegan mayonnaise for the regular version and you are usually all set! There are several kinds of vegan mayonnaise out there, but the one who’s texture is closest to the real deal is Nayonaise by Nasoya.  It is very similar to Miracle Whip.