Healthy Eating

A caveat regarding the recipes on this website if you are watching your weight…

Soon, many of the vegetarian casserole recipes on this site will provide nutritional information per serving. The recipes call for, in most cases, the low calorie, low fat or fat-free version of ingredients. Most of these recipes recommend a 9 x 13 pan, which is easily divided into eight servings.

So if you are counting Weight Watchers Points, calories or fat you will be able to (in the near future) plan your daily meals easily and relatively accurately. I use the word “relatively” because the nutritional facts may vary slightly by brand for the exact same product. If you alter the recipe by increasing or decreasing the amount of an ingredient, adding, removing or substituting an ingredient, the amount of fat and calories and, most likely, Weight Watchers Points may change. You will want to account for these changes when you are calculating what you’ve consumed.

Happy Vegetarian Eating!

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